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Post by R.M. on Fri Oct 02, 2009 5:21 am

First of all US only (sorry Megz :-( and others). You've heard me talk about BzzAgent well I found one that seems to have WAY more promise than them! The only thing is, you have to be willing to upload videos of yourself. I normally would not be ok with this but they have some cool things to test out (for free and you get to keep it) from a bottle of shampoo up to a bluray player. And you get points that seem to add up super quick with some AWESOME prizes!

Please use my link if you decide to join as I'll get some points:

What you can get points for:
Completing your profile 200
Connecting to Facebook 50
Uploading Your First Video 2000
Referring Friends 500
Uploading Videos 300 - 2500
Answering Questions 100

Giftcards for different places start at 600 points (you get more than this just for doing your profile and first video!) and there are other things... baby/kid stuff, household, electronics, etc! It says you can redeem them as you spend them or save for the 32" flat screen tv!

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